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The Fossil Cartel moved in 2015 — just 1 block away at 333 SW Taylor St.

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Since 1989, The Fossil Cartel has been selling world-class jewelry, minerals, crystals, fossils, and meteorites from around the world.  Featuring the largest selection in the Pacific Northwest, and stones unique to Oregon and the area, we cordially invite you to visit us in downtown Portland, Oregon.

30 years ago we began with a cart in a suburban shopping mall, then moved downtown to The Galleria for 14 years. The next 11 years we were in Pioneer Place, and now we occupy a storefront in the historic Gilbert Building in the heart of downtown Portland. Over three decades we have developed a deep and varied inventory of the best material out there. Most of our merchandise is hand-picked for top quality.

The Fossil Cartel specializes in Mt. St. Helens Obsidianite jewelry. When Mt. St. Helens erupted in 1981, pulverized rock blasted out. When heated, this material fuses into a gorgeous translucent stone of a rich emerald color – Emerald Obsidianite. Identical in color to emeralds, it’s a bonafide piece of Mt. St. Helens!  Now this material is also available in color-changing purple, Twilight Obsidianite (under fluorescent light it turns light blue!).

The Fossil Cartel also features a large selection of Oregon Opal and Oregon Sunstone. Oregon Opal is a unique variety of opal found in only one place in the world — Opal Butte, Ore. When faceted, Oregon Opal flashes dusky blue-violet or yellow-orange. In our free-form pendants, Oregon Opal is transparent, resembling an underwater scene.

Oregon Sunstone is Oregon’s official state gemstone, a unique variety of gem-quality feldspar found in south-central Oregon. Unlike sunstone from other localities, it contains copper inclusions which produce a sparkling quality referred to as schiller. Oregon Sunstone can vary in color from pale yellow to red and even shades of green depending on the copper content. Metaphysically, sunstone is a joyful stone that promotes self-empowerment and vitality.

Many of our customers are from out of town and we want our merchandise to be available to travelers once they return home. This site contains only a fraction of what you can find in our store. If there is something you are interested in but do not see here, please do not hesitate to email us and ask about it. Customer service is our highest priority!

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