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The Fossil Cartel Live from the Denver Fossil Gem & Mineral Show 2018

Standing in the bowels of the National Western Complex, with our palette safely wrapped for shipping, Susan recaps our shopping trip at the 2018 Denver Fossil Gem & Mineral Show. Before a short tour of just part of this venue (home of the National Western Stock Show), Susan lists all the new goodies we are bringing back to The Fossil Cartel.

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Healing Stones for Fall Equinox 2018

In this episode of our Metaphysical Monday series, Susan displays and discusses healing stones for autumn equinox. Some people have issues with the shorter days, balance and change in seasons around this time of year. Healing stones that can help include carnelian, Oregon Sunstone, red jasper, citrine, dendrites and pop rocks (aka “Boji stones”).


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What is Orgonite?

In this episode of our Metaphysical Monday series, Susan discusses the substance known as “Orgonite” — a man-made combination of resin, metal and minerals thought to balance and harmonize our bio-energy, also known as orgone, prana or chi. People kept asking for it so we started carrying it, but had to do our research first. Easily confused with “oregonite,” a rare nickel iron arsenide mineral first described from Josephine Creek, Oregon, Orgonite is resin-based and created for metaphysical use. This video is a great introduction to Orgonite and its uses. Susan shows examples of Orgone sold at The Fossil Cartel, and describes some of its history, uses and attributes.

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Healing Properties of Peridot: August Birthstone

This installment of The Fossil Cartel’s Metaphysical Monday series on Facebook Live discusses the metaphysical healing properties of August’s birthstone, peridot. Susan talks about the various healing properties unique to peridot, and how you can wear it or use it. We have lots of peridot in the store, from small tumbled stones and large rough specimens on basalt, to jewelry of all kinds.

Peridot is the gem-quality variety of the silicate mineral olivine. Iron inclusions create its light green color. Volcanoes sometimes hurl peridot-rich “bombs,” chunks of hardened basalt containing peridot crystals. Egyptians mined peridot as a gemstone as early as 1580 BCE. Most peridot seen in jewelry today comes from Globe, Arizona. Metaphysically, peridot is used for protection, to bring prosperity, balance moods and open the heart chakra. Fine specimens of peridot are found in Arizona, Brazil, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.


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How to Tell Similar Rocks and Minerals Apart

Starting at 1:50 in this video, Susan addresses a common conundrum: how to tell similar-looking rocks apart. Often minerals resemble other minerals in color and/or pattern, and it can be difficult to tell which is which. This can be important especially because sometimes cheaper minerals are passed off as rarer more expensive minerals, and sometimes not even on purpose because it can really be hard to tell. Lapis vs. sodalite? Jade vs. aventurine vs. serpentine? Opal vs. opalite vs. moonstone? Ulexite vs. selenite? Susan shows examples of each and explains how to tell them apart.


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Healing Properties of Fluorite

Part of The Fossil Cartel’s Metaphysical Monday series on Facebook Live, this video addresses the many metaphysical healing properties of fluorite. It is especially useful as a protection stone, especially electromagnetic fields emitted by computers and mobile phones. Susan discusses various additional healing properties of fluorite, and displays the many varieties of fluorite available in the store, both in jewelry and as specimens.

Fluorite has the widest color range of any mineral and often exhibits several colors in the same specimen. Fluorite forms as cubes, octahedrons, massive granular, or compact. Its name is derived from the Latin fluere, meaning “to flow,” due to its use as a flux in iron smelting. The word “fluorescent” comes from fluorite crystals being the first minerals found to fluoresce. Fluorite is also used to make opalescent glass. Fluorite deposits are found in USA, China, Mexico, Canada, Spain, and UK.


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Clean and Charge Your Crystals For Crystal Healing

If you want to use your stones for crystal healing, it’s important to clean them energetically.  Crystals hold energy, so you’ll want to start with a clean slate so to speak when you begin your practice with them. Susan shows a few ways to clean and charge your crystals metaphysically.

  • Smudging with sage
  • Immersing crystals in running water
  • Setting out in the sun and/or the moon
  • Using selenite
  • Visualization
  • Using your own energy

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Healing Stones for Summer Solstice

This installment of The Fossil Cartel’s Metaphysical Monday series examines healing stones for the summer solstice. Starting at 1:30 in this video, Susan and new sales associate Jacob Adams show and tell us about which healing stones we may want to use this time of year and why. Stones include: carnelian, citrine, pyrite, tangerine quartz, sulfur, amber and tiger’s eye. Jacob shares some of his impressive knowledge of and experience with the metaphysical properties of minerals.


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Healing Stones for Protection and Safe Travel

With July 4th coming up, this installment of The Fossil Cartel’s Metaphysical Monday series elaborates on healing stones for protection and safe travel. Stones Susan displays and discusses include yellow jasper, moonstone, garnet, amethyst, tiger’s eye, malachite, black tourmaline, apache tears and aquamarine. These stones are available in various jewelry as well as rough and tumbled. Or you can check out our custom healing pouches: Stones for Safe Travels and Stones for Protection.


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Ruby’s Healing Properties

Part of The Fossil Cartel’s Metaphysical Monday series, starting at 0:55 in this video, Susan discusses the healing properties of July’s birthstone, ruby. At 5:45 she displays the many varieties of ruby to be found in The Fossil Cartel, and how you may use them to take advantage of their healing properties. Includes rough ruby crystals, tumbled ruby and carved ruby shapes, as well as ruby jewelry.

Ruby is the red variety of corundum (aluminum oxide) ranging from deep to pale red, at times with a purple tinge. Ruby with minute needle-like inclusions of rutile is called star ruby, showing a six-rayed star when cut in cabochons.. Sri Lanka has mined rubies since the 8th century BCE. Other ruby localities include India, Myanmar, Thailand, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Vietnam, Cambodia, North Carolina and Montana.  Ruby’s stimulation of the root (1st) chakra adds vital life force to efforts at change, keeping one free from vulnerability to indecision and pessimism.