Bismuth Crystal


This bismuth is lab-grown in Germany, resembling a pretty piece of miniature alien architecture. Gorgeous rainbow colored bismuth crystals. Approx 2″ x 1″.

Sold individually. Photo is sample.




Although bismuth is an element which occurs in nature, crystals are very rare and usually unattractive. Our crystals are laboratory-grown in Germany using a process that involves melting highly purified bismuth and then cooling it quickly. The crystals grow in a matter of minutes and float on the surface of the molten bismuth like ice in water. The beautiful iridescent finish is the result of oxidation and develops soon after the crystals are removed from the melt. Bismuth is a soft metal and can be somewhat weak due to its perfect cleavage and can easily break without careful handling. Metaphysically, bismuth can help relieve feelings of isolation and loneliness.

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Weight 2 oz


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