Chrysoprase 14K Gold Earrings


Truly beautiful dangle earrings made by master stone carver and Pacific Northwest local Steve Andruss. Gemmy Chrysoprase set in 14k gold hoops. Very rare! Dimensions approx 23 x 5 mm with an overall length of 32 mm

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Chrysoprase is a translucent, apple-green variety of chalcedony. It gets its beautiful green hue from traces of nickel. Chrysoprase derives its name from the Greek chrysos & prase, meaning “golden leek” and was probably applied to a lighter or more yellowish variety. Chrysoprase was used by both the Greeks and the Romans, and is still considered to be the most valuable chalcedony. Fine specimens can be found in Australia, Russia, California, and Brazil. Metaphysically, chrysoprase is used for heart energy and stress release.

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